About me

My name is Milena Yordanova. Some of you may already know me as the blogger behind My Vacation Itineraries. For the rest of you – nice to meet you. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is a small, but a very beautiful country in southeastern Europe (north from Greece).

About the blog

Before I discovered the homemade cosmetics, I spent a lot of money to buy expensive stuff. It was all in vain. Nothing helped my dry and problematic skin.

One day during lunch a friend of mine told me that she uses homemade cosmetics. I was intrigued and after few days I made my first body scrub. It was so easy and I was stunned by its effect on my skin.

The idea for the blog came a few days later. I wanted a place to keep all my recipes and all the information I gathered during the process of learning. I hope that you will find the information on my blog useful and you will see the benefits from using homemade cosmetics.

Why Bear Spa?

Yes I know, the name sounds strange. It all started with my huge love for bears and especially teddy bears.

I made my first body scrub in an old jar of a commercial body scrub (Avon – Planet Spa). I wanted to keep the second word spa, because after using the body scrub I was feeling like I have been to spa. I replace the first word planet with something that I truly love – bears. It wasn’t only because of my love for them though. I wanted in this way to turn your attention to nature and its creatures because sometimes the beauty products we use harm them.

If you have any questions or want to connect with me via social media visit my contact page.

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