Rose petals sugar body scrub with a luxury fragrance

Rose petals sugar body scrub

Roses are not only beautiful flowers to look at, but you can also use them in homemade cosmetics. People have used rose petals in their beauty rituals since ancient times. It’s not only because of their exquisite fragrance, but also because of their beautifying and therapeutic properties. Rose petals are the main ingredient for today’s recipe, rose petals sugar body […]

Calming chamomile sugar body scrub for radiant skin

Chamomile sugar body scrub

Autumn days are perfect for watching the rain outside, sitting in warm place with a cup of chamomile tea with honey. You can lengthen the feeling of calmness by including chamomile in your daily beauty routine. People used chamomile in natural medicine for centuries because of its healing properties and calming effect. The two most used […]

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