Energizing green tea salt scrub

green tea salt scrub recipe

How to make an energizing green tea salt scrub with a citrus scent? The summer has officially ended. Nature loses its green colour and everything dies. The leaves start falling down. You can already feel the slight puff of cold wind outside. I love the autumn but I know that many of you still dream […]

The best carrier and essential oils that cure sunburn effectively

Best carrier and essential oils for sunburn relief

The exposure to sun rays is a natural way to get the important vitamin D that strengthens your bones. Unfortunately an overexposure to the sun rays may cause sunburn. A sunburn not only leaves your skin dehydrated, itchy, red and flaming. A sunburn creates free radicals in your body that destroy your cells. If it happens regularly a sunburn can damage […]

Natural sunscreens that you can use on the beach

Natural sunscreens that you can use on the beach

The long awaited summer is finally here. Days are longer, sunnier and hotter. The blue skies in a combination with the sun put you in a good mood. The sun is beneficial not only for your mood, but also for your health. The sun rays help your skin to produce vitamin D that is important for the strength of your bones. […]

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